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 Apr.22 Board Meeting Minutes

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PostSubject: Apr.22 Board Meeting Minutes   Thu May 03, 2012 1:44 am

Board meeting- Apr.22,2012 In attendance Missy, Vickie, Kim & Zoe Meeting started at 10:30am ended 12:45pm
-June Bout- keeping on planning- Zoe is willing to take on more of the organizing for bouts.
-Bout planning meeting to be planned for May 1 at Vickie’s house. Post to group and specifically to anyone on the list from the first meeting who agreed to a job. Donation reminder, anything that can be brought to the meeting should be.
-Contact Canada Day organizers to try & get into the Canada Day celebration at Heritage Park.
-Committee criteria-
-ALL Skaters MUST participate in a committee
-Committees should have a head & co-head, plus volunteers
-Committees must meet once a month and submit minutes to the secretary for the league records.
-committees need to keep a binder with their committee’s minutes and resources and information, suppliers, etc.
Media- Responsibilities, contacting radio, online, newspapers with event information & tweeting
Bout Planning-Zoe & Missy Head co-head- Heather & Julie
Sunshine- committee to be axed
Fundraising-Lisa head & Charlotte co-head, volunteers-
Larger fundraisers need to be planned with less frequency
A yearly plan set up and presented at the AGM
Fundraisers need to be presented to the board first.
Merch- Melissa Flynn Head- co-head Marci- volunteers 2-ideally changing fresh meat for staff at events.
Merch inventory to be kept and submitted to the board
Merch head to bring purchase plans/orders to the board for approval/funding
First-Aid-not really a committee- Shantel, Meghan & Donna responsible for kit.

Coaching- Head is responsible for testing of fresh meat & retesting LOA skaters
Organizing a rotating schedule of fresh meat coaching
Recruitment- Responsibilities- answering emails, planning dates, events, etc.
Head, co-head & 3 volunteers
-We need to schedule a meeting with Rob. Discuss the coaching plan for the whole league, freshies, refs & vets. Testing requirements criteria?
-League direction-
We want to be inclusive but need to increase numbers to be able to have 2 house teams
Right now we do not have enough skaters to form house teams so bout teams will be chosen from eligible skaters based on skill, dues, & attendance.
-Banking- Boots to be taken off the bank account, motion by Vickie second Kim as she has stepped back from the league.
-RDAC membership, Zoe to contact and get details about membership and bring back to board for discussion.
-league meeting to be held Mon Apr 30. Contact peter to see if can use office

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Apr.22 Board Meeting Minutes
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