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 March 11 Meeting Minutes

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PostSubject: March 11 Meeting Minutes   Fri Mar 16, 2012 7:27 pm

March 11 2012 meeting, In attendance: Zoe, Shantel, Natalie, Missy, Nicole, Peter, Tascha, Christina & Vickie. Non-voting freshies- Chris, Cindy.
Meeting started at 12:30pm. Meeting ended 1:20pm.

-VP voting to be finished via email ASAP.

-Co-ed- possibly for the future? Need to see if there is interest, gives something else we can offer.

-Interleague-Spanky: working on possible future bouts & scrimmages with Yukon Roller Girls, Eves of Destruction, etc.
-Anarchy Angels informal scrimmage with us in practice on a Sunday. Split practice with ½ scrimmage, ½ practice aimed at freshies. The Angels rookies will be a team, their vets will fill in Voodoo’s team. Looking at a date in May for this.

-Melissa Flynn to be asked about carrying merch in her store. We have to get rid of our current merch. Gypsy has 200+ t-shirts we are sitting on right now, mostly misprinted due to previous merch mistake.
-One large hoodie to be given to Russ.
-T-shirt clearout at $10

-Suggestion that current logo is too busy, difficult to see in 1 colour prints.
-New logo to be worked on, simplifying the current logo?
-New logo to be set up as a contest.
Poll/vote of the league to be done re: logo, motion was carried at meeting.

-April meeting to be bumped to April 15th -3rd Sun. as 2nd Sun. is Easter/Bunny Bootcamp

-Treasurer report- $4808. After city payment will have $3428 less $800 approx for insurance leaving $2628, after payments. By May we have payments to the city of $4300 for April-Aug.

-Mar. 24 legion fundraiser, make a big push to get Voodoo & friends out to make us some $$

-June 16 bout time is scheduled, Spanky will be working on getting a team to play ASAP.

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March 11 Meeting Minutes
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