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 Feb.26 Minutes

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PostSubject: Feb.26 Minutes   Sun Feb 26, 2012 5:39 pm

Feb.26 Meeting- Meeting started 12:35pm Ended 2:10pm
Attendance- Zoe, Natalie, Dennis, Lisa, Peter, Tascha, Brittany, Nicole, Vickie, Kim, Shantel, Heather, Missy, Ferd and Denise.

-Banking- Vickie to replace Julie as a bank account signee, also Vickie is the be the name holder

-Boots resignation letter read out, copy will be added to the minutes/forum.
Kim or Shantel to be moved to President.
Nominations for new 2nd Vice-president, to be done online by Tues.
Voting will be by secret ballot on Sunday.

-Skaters in financial hardship-
As per by-laws, skaters with dues not paid by the 15th can NOT skate.

-Members who are not skating or present will be sent a letter and be removed from the private facebook page.

-Guest coaches will be organized through coaching committee, not individual skaters. If skaters have requests take them to the coaching committee, please do not contact potential coaches to avoid confusion.

-April 1-18 we currently have no time booked, looking for alternate space, possibly in Hope.
People are looking for another practice space for at least the beginning of April.

-Deathtrap will be coming on Tues. Feb. 28 to skate, she is trading practice time for coaching with us.

-Injured skater policy- major long-term injuries, dues will be waived and as long as the skater continues to keep attendance up and will still have a vote.

-Spanky will become head of interleague committee , with Seidi & Karen to work with/under her as she has a relationship with many other skaters and leagues.

-Mar.31 7-10pm date to be changed to an open scrimmage instead of closed blue vs. green. Fees will be $10 for ALL skaters including Voodoo. No cap on skaters.

-Heather is taking over the newsletter and will make a reference phone list.

-Denise has volunteered to take over dealing with insurance.

-Recruitment to become open-door, Spanky is volunteering to take time to help train anyone that comes in.
We will not be turning people away.

-FIRST AID- Nat & Lisa will go get first aid certification within the next 2 weeks. League will pay for training.

-Two fundraisers in March at the Legion Mar. 17 & 24.
6-8 volunteers needed to schedule to work at these Legion fundys.
Lisa is to NEVER end up doing the dishes at the end of a fundy.

-$942 raised at Friendly Mike’s fundraiser on Feb.25 /12. YAY!

***************COPY OF BOOT'S RESIGNATION LETTER-copied and pasted from email to Dollz Office**********************
To My Dear Dollz,
I first want to apologize that I am not here in person to tell you all about what this letter is about. I have to let you all know I am stepping back from derby at this time do too family and out side obligations. I need time to focus on my business, and help with caring for my aging parents and a house on my own.. I am Not quitting the dollz, just taking a break. I plan to help out when I can, but I can not dedicate the time needed to lead the league forward. And I see people getting frustrated with me when I can not be there for everyone as much as everyone expects from me. and right now I am bogged down by guilt, running everything in my life at less than 10%. Spreading myself too thin is showing.. We have alot of talented passionate members that can take this opportunity to step up, help out, grow and shine.

I am also dont want to have whats called "Founders Syndrome" get in the way with the natural growth of this league. I think I was a great person to get things started, but we need everyone to help take this league to the next level.
Like I mentioned I will be here to help out when needed. Or if you have questions. I hope your not all upset with me, I miss you all and will be back when the other things in my life settle down.
If anyone wants to chat with me regarding this or any issue, feel free to call me anytime
Derby Love

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Feb.26 Minutes
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