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 January 8, 2012 Meeting Minutes

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PostSubject: January 8, 2012 Meeting Minutes   Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:55 pm

January 08, 2012 Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Angela Brigge; Meghan Hurst; Boots; Brittany Ekelund, Candace Fischer; Catch 22; Desiree; Denise Bonson; Fred Alcos; Gypsy Wheeler; Hangman’s Honey; Katalyst; Poison Allie; Shantel Binning; Hurt-she Kiss; Zoey; Tascha Trucker Mouth; Vickie Gallie; Nicole Jansen; Lunatic Witch; Peter Welk; Relisa Riot; Dennis Cross; Heather Sweet Heat.

Meeting commenced at 10:36 am

Boots advised that our current financial state has been left in a very unorganized manner since the Board has been dismembered. There is not enough information to correctly deduce what statements, cheques, deposits and withdrawals have been made and therefore, at this point, it is best if it is handed over to an unbiased third party. It was decided that Shelby Maarhuis’s mother, who is a bookkeeper and legal secretary, would be the best and most financially sound person to deal with it. (please send our thanks)
We will hopefully have a financial break down at our next league meeting.

Our current "banking" signers are Julie Barr and Zoe Gillis.

Boots will send an email Jan. 8th requesting everyone’s nominations for VP, 2nd VP and Secretary Positions. Everyone will have until Wednesday, Jan. 11th to put forward their nominations. Boots will contact those nominated to ensure they would like to fill the positions. At which point, a voting list will be put forward and everyone will vote. Results expected by Sunday, Jan. 15th.

Secretary Duties: Minutes, notes, reminder of meetings, agendas and booking meetings.

Committees and Duties
(Note: No personal emails will be used for VooDoo Dollz League purposes).

Intra-league: Lisa Cross and Seidi
Duties: Correspondence, contacting other leagues, retrieving email addresses and contact information, and contacting skaters.

Media: Meghan, Trucker and Desiree
Duties: Connecting and contacting with community liaisons, TV and Radio personnel, ensuring our events are publicized.

Sponsorship: Zoey, Nicole Janzen and Peter Welk
Duties: Printing sponsor packages, getting sponsors, providing skaters with packages.
Email: dollzsponsorship@gmail.com

Fundraising: Lisa Cross, Heather and Desiree
Duties: coordinating fundraisers, getting ideas from skaters, organizing these events and as always happy to hear other’s input/ideas.

Treasurer: Vicki volunteered once all finances are in order.

1st Aid: Donna – Tascha and Brittany in the near future
1st Aid Box Attenders: Denise & Vicki
Duties: to ensure that the first aid boxes are completely stocked for each practice/event. They will correspond with Shantel for new stock. They will both have their own kits and will be responsible for bringing it to every practice.

Merch: Gypsy Wheeler and possibly Melissa Flynn

Sunshine Committee: Julie Barr, Trucker and Vicki
Duties: Welcome wagon, Birthday Notifications, Thank you cards to volunteers, sending warm thoughts to our injured skaters and random acts of kindness.

NSO, Volunteers and Scrimmage Organization: Shelby

Bout Production: Stacey and Angela

Natalie volunteered to do the Attendance each month.

• Desiree’s husband has offered his band at a fundraiser/event.
• Bottle Depot – Donna will set up at the Sardis Bottle Depot and Vicki will set up one in Chilliwack.
Please notify Lisa, Heather and/or Desiree with any fundraising ideas.

Is available to anyone who would like to learn and assist in furthering the league.
Coaches will now carry paperwork so that if an accident occurs an accident report can and will be filled out asap for any and all injuries.

Shantel and Boots will correspond with Trish at the City to confirm and schedule upcoming practices and events.

Reign Valley Vixen (RVV) Ban
It was agreed that baby step would be taken to move forward on past issues with the RVV League and its members. Intra-league will draft a letter to be submitted to them stating as much. Our policy, as always, will stand that douche bagging of any kind at any event will NOT be tolerated.

Friends and family can attend.
Cost to go up from $5.00 to $10.00 to assist in the cost of the venue (currently it is costing the league $344.00 to host scrimmages).
Only our merch table is allowed (this is because if the league generates any revenue then the league will be charged a higher rate for a “public” event).

General Discussions
• Holding bouts before recruitments so that possible skaters/ref/volunteers can see what we are all about.
• Vicki will look into new raffle laws/licensing

Boots proposed that future meetings be held every second Sunday of every month.

Next meeting scheduled for February 12, 2011. Time and location TBA

Meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m.
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January 8, 2012 Meeting Minutes
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