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 BOD Meeting Minutes - November 30, 2011

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PostSubject: BOD Meeting Minutes - November 30, 2011   Sat Dec 03, 2011 1:25 pm

BOD Minutes
November 30, 2011

– Keely to continue to keep track of paper attendance
- It is important to keep track of who is still a member in good standing
- Excel spread sheet for attendance to be created and posted online for viewing – Keely to be asked for the online implementation of the list
- Fresh meat need to know that the there is one attendance book and they are responsible for signing themselves in
- Keely is responsible for asking someone to take care of attendance in her absence.

Budget Request form
-Form to reviewed by BOD before posted.
-To be used for requests over $100
-Anything under $100 can be informal email directly to treasurer.

2012 Practices
- Everything is booked till the end of March
- Request for April to August schedule to be put in January
- Saturday is available starting January
- Spring to Summer Practices to be discussed at next league meeting in terms of amount (2 or 3 a week) and what days during the week.
- January bootcamp on Saturday – Sundays practice to be cancelled.
- Open scrimmage on a Saturday or Sunday to come
- Scrimmage around same time as recruitment for new recruitments to watch.
- General guideline (policy, not by-law) 2 events a month (bouts/scrimmage/fundraiser/party – 2 of these things) to prevent burnout
- January fundraiser (for bootcamp) – Jan. 13th

Coaching Policies
- Getting to know new recruits sooner is important.
- A 10 practice guideline based on basic skills exists.
- Keeping an eye on how people are advancing is important for fresh meat coaches
- cycle in vet skaters to practice with fresh meat on their drills – to give tips and help learn the skill.
- coach sharing online – on the forum. All coaches should be participating and sharing (including Doobie)
- create a manual of all drills so everyone can access – Gillian to create and compile an online manual for training and coaches. Input and submissions to come from everyone.
- anonymous surveys for feedback.
- Rotation for people used in drills (no favoritism)
- league and team coaches can be non skaters or skaters
- skater/coach relationships need to remain professional.

Roster Choosing
-eligible by attendance, basic skills, written test requirements. If theses are all met and there are more than 14 people interested, there will be a tryout.
-Coaching committee designs tryout/gaming committee chooses roster.
-Tryouts for roster – coaching committee to decide basic skills and requirements to test at tryout. Possible “gaming committee” to make roster decisions. Gaming people being approximately 3 people – a coach, team captain, referee, or invited guest, some unbiased person.
-This process to be proposed to the league.

December Dues
- December dues have been waived.

-length and location of breaks – times that are “attendance not mandatory” to be proposed to the league.
-This January skating commences again in the second week (fundraiser to be done during this break)

Referee/NSO clinic
- Noah Backtalk wants to do a 2 day referee/NSO clinic asked to be done at the landing. We as a team bout someone on each night, sell tickets and the ref can use their skills in the bout. Booked through us – looking into April.

Blood and thunder boot camp for our girls to attend (January) in Abbotsford
-we are invited to this event and can attend.

Two Evils Name Roster
-League name is accepted
-No update on the last names submitted

Dryland committee
–30 minutes for first part of practice for occasional practices.
–To be created.
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BOD Meeting Minutes - November 30, 2011
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