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 Meeting Minutes - November 27, 2011

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PostSubject: Meeting Minutes - November 27, 2011   Sun Nov 27, 2011 11:39 pm

November 27, 2011

Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Pohlverine; Poison Allie; Shantel Binning; Hurt She Kiss; Boots; Sheila Hurt U; Gypsy; Mistress D. Meaner; Hangman’s Honey; Heather Janzen; Spanky the Great; Devlin Deskyze; Pink; Wry ‘N’ Ginger; Steddie Blurcury; Angela; Tascha; Vickie Gallie; Nicole Jansen; Denise Bonson; Fred Alcos; Maul E Mayhem; Evada Peron.


Board of Directors – to be trusted to make decisions on behalf of the league especially on time sensitive matters. The board can also decide to bring a decision to the entire league to be made.

Decided Members:

President - Boots
Vice - Eva
Treasurer - Maul E
Secretary – Pohlverine

President – to chair the meetings (move between topics) – Vice to handle this duty in the presidents absence.

Board of Directors to consist of 5 members – a meeting will be called at a later time if this is not working.

2nd Vice (no one opposed to having the 5th member of the board being titled the 2nd Vice). After secret ballot the 2nd Vice is → Gillian (Wry ‘N’ Ginger)

New board of director’s email to be created for general board issues – this is how issues will be brought to the attention of the board.

The board of directors is responsible for meeting and/or communicating on a regular basis.

Board of Directors to discuss a regular meeting schedule including dates, times and locations (every other Wednesday suggested – starting this Wednesday November 30th).

- Vending tables at bouts and events
- Asking for a minimum of $10 donation per table
- There will be designated person at each event to collect and this person will also provide written receipts.
- Set up for booths will be no earlier than 1 hour before event and no later than half hour before
– they are responsible for own float.
- There is a 3 day cut off for cancellation/changes/sign up.
- Venders will get put on the will call.
- Try to keep tables derby related (find out what kind of products they are selling).
- They are told they have 2 chairs for each table and no children allowed.
- MERCH ORDER – we need another order of shirts and small tank tops and pins. Also looking into ordering shorts and stickers – vote on ordering shorts. Restock inventory of small sizes of shirts – adding shorts to order? Yes (after vote).

- Val is still on account and receiving statements. Our treasurer is not receiving statements – this needs to change, our treasurer needs to have access to this information to be able to create financial statements. Access to be given through email account.
- General account needs to be restructured – regarding merch, freshies and dues collection.
- Signee changes – Eva to remain signee on bank account (paperwork is complete).
- Money collection for ticket sales from bout – policy should read that if the money is not received before or on the day of the bout, it will be brought to the attention of the board and you may not be allowed to skate (same type of policy as for late dues/not being in good financial standing with the league).

- $620 was paid by team Canada for the scrimmathon (Facility costs)
- we paid for our skaters (paid for 12 and 10 came)
- we paid our practice amount ($125)
- $300 to be donated to team Canada.
- The Donation will be made online on behalf of derby dollz – treasurer to make donation.

- Live streaming of our bouts – can be done but we need someone with a data stick/cell phone with unlimited data. Less people pay to come to our bouts? Something to be discussed when we are having larger events.

- WFTDA referee manual purchases – 1 book to be purchased. Zoe to make purchase and receive reimbursement from treasurer.

- Possibly no dues for December (make policy for next year in terms of the months we will be “breaking from Derby” suggestion – August to the first week of September and December to the first week of January)

Make an effort to talk in person, and post important posts on the forum. Facebook to remain social – please pay attention to the comments you are making on facebook and if you don’t understand something please ask for clarification.

Sunday January 8th – League meeting – Specific time and location TBA.

Topics to be carried over:

- Additional Practice Times/general practice bookings.

- Creating a Safety Committee - possible duties include: checking the first aid kit after every practice and replacing items as needed. Making sure we always have someone with first aid at practice and following up on injured skaters and safety recommendations as needed.

- Letter from lunatic witch (Shelby) – Who has this letter? Maybe this letter would like to be posted in the forum instead of being read at a meeting? (Can email me – dj.pohl.15@gmail.com)

- Motion for us to solidify the practice of offering visiting refs an honorarium of either a gas card or a t-shirt.

- Annie from maple ridge has contacted us with the following message: “tournament style bout on July 28/29 out here in Maple Ridge...we have Planet Ice for a full weekend and would love to get some leagues out to play...all levels are welcome.” Something we are interested in?
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Meeting Minutes - November 27, 2011
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