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 Meeting Minutes - Feb 24th 2011

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PostSubject: Meeting Minutes - Feb 24th 2011   Fri Nov 25, 2011 9:29 pm

Derby Minutes

Feb. 24, 2011

- In attendance: Julie; Boots; Natalie; Carlee; Shay; Nina; Gillian; Ronna; Donna; Lisa; DJ; Zoe

- Treasure Report

o Balance is approximately $1119.00

o We raised a total of $989 at our last fundraiser

o Chilliwack Landing is $35/hour plus tax ($78.40 for 2 hour practice)

o To pay for two practices a week we would need 18 fulltime paid skaters

- Practice space ideas even though the Landing is our home from April to August

o School board?

o Airport?

o Private Gym?

o No word yet on the Chilliwack roller rink

o Educating people is a must

o Space required – needs to be big enough to fit an 88’ oval

- Training

o New recruitment date = April 10th at the Landing (12:30-2)

o Misfits fundraiser = March 5th in Cloverdale

o March 4th road trip to skateway moved to March 11th.

o Twin Rinks ice skating (should be able to incorporate ice skating skills with roller skating). This to be done at public skate times March 10th and 24th.

- Fundraising

o Bruins?

o Bakesales?

o Booth at car show?

o Party in the park?

o Heritage park – parking lot money at events?

o Brick tent sale? BBQ?

o Gillian to look into vender tickets/food permits

o Renting the banquet hall at arts centre?

o Having a theme for fundraisers

o LEGION – date set March 12th

§ Beef dip

§ Band

§ Lisa asking about selling tickets for a booze basket?

§ Brief meeting after Sunday practice to make final arrangements

- Bylaws

o We have changed our minimum age from 19 to 18 for skaters

o Boots will be sending something for us to review/vote on.

o Boots also sending off for our not for profit status shortly

- Sponsorship packages

o Gillian/Shay/Ronna looking into creating a professional package

o Free photographer?

- Website revamp to come…

o Facebook adds?

o Selling t-shirts from website?

- Merchandise

o Gillian working on getting quote for shirts/screen

o Shay looking into magnets/stickers/bags (magnets 50 for $12)

o Shay and Zoe creating a template for business cards

- Committee additions/adjustments

o Nina is fundraising and PR

o Zoe and Taryn are facilities

o Carlee and Gillian are events/booths/what’s going on in the city that we can be a part of!

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Meeting Minutes - Feb 24th 2011
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