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 Meeting Minutes- June 5th 2011

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PostSubject: Meeting Minutes- June 5th 2011   Fri Nov 25, 2011 9:24 pm

Minutes of Meeting of
Voo Doo Derby Dollz
Roller Derby League
Held June 5, 2011 at 12:20 pm
The Landing, Chilliwack
Dollz Present:
Tara Atreyu Peters, Julie Barr, Shantel Binning, Tascha Gretler-Van Esch, Nina Lehtonen, Carlee Lemon, Shelby Maarhuis, Zoe McCredie-Gillis, Tracy McDonald, Tammy McHugh, Lian Nerbas, Kimiko Nicholson, Natalie Parker, Gillian Powers, Ronna Ryharchuk, Tracy Smith, and Shay Switzer-Stalker
Meeting was called together at 12:30 pm to confirm committees and members.
Nina Lehtonen called the meeting to order.
Kimiko Nicholson took minutes.
1.) PR Media/Intra-league
-Primary contact with other leagues.
They will also have to inform the Sunshine Committee of all related/required information.
Head: Taryn
Co: Carlee Lemon
Vol: Shelby Maarhuis
Sunshine Committee (Sub Committee)
- The official “welcome wagon”
- Birthday
- Awards
- Recognition
Head: Julie Barr
Co: Shay Switzer-Stalker and Natalie Parker
Vol: Tascha Gretler-Van Esch
2.) Skater Relations (Voted in Position - TBA)
-Completely Confidential Role
-Will have to sign a waiver in agreement with rules and regulations of required duties
-Will be nominated in via Voo Doo Dollz Forum
3.) Sponsorship Committee
Head: Carlee Lemon
Co: Ronna Ryharchuk
Vol: Everyone
4.) Refs
-Volunteer Training – NSO’s
-Organizing anything official
Head: Nina Lehtonen
Co: Julie Barr
Vol: Tba
Head: Shelby Maarhuis
Vol: TBA
Refs and NSO’s will work with the Sunshine Committee as well.
5.) Event Planning
-Event Coordination
-Community Events
-Bout Planning and Facilities
Head: Gillian Power
Co: Lisa Cross
6.) Coaching / Training
Head: Nina Lehtonen
Co: Jonny Lemon
Fresh Meat Coaches: Shantel Binning, Donna Salem-Collins, Kimiko Nicholson, and Ronna Ryharchuk
- Recruitment and Advertisement – Next Recruitment is set for Sept. 18, 2011.
7.) Merch/Art/Web
Head: Nina Lehtonen
Co: Shay Switzer-Stalker
The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 pm.
Typed by K Nicholson
Recording Secretary

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Meeting Minutes- June 5th 2011
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