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 Planning out our spring season

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PostSubject: Planning out our spring season   Sat Nov 05, 2011 9:18 am

Hello dollz,
so the end of our fall is near but we need to look ahead to planning our spring and summer season.
This planning is to take consideration any fun events we want, games, scrimmages, down time, us time.
We have had been running super fast all year to take in all the derby opportunities all around us which has left most of us burnt out and loosing the derby feeling. I want to prevent this for this coming season.
We should plans our events out so we all feel inclusive and get to enjoy our large family. I see our group more than just a sports team, but a big family. SO lets look at that.

How to plan out next year.. First we should post our ideas what we would like to see and differnces we can make this year that didnt work for us last year.

How many "home games" would we like to host? and starting when?
If we want to have a full arena effect, we would have to wait untill the ice is off the rinks, so around april that happens. but since we do have dryfloor before that we can have our own "scrimmages" or lighter games before then.

So thinking out loud we can book 1 per month our big production for home games. April, May, June, July

OUr away games can be determinded on who we would like to play, and have them hosted with us..

**WIll be adding more.. have to go to work now "_

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Planning out our spring season
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