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 Meeting Minutes - October 23, 2011

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PostSubject: Meeting Minutes - October 23, 2011   Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:15 pm

October 23, 2011

- The point of the board is to run the business side of things so one person isn’t making all of the executive decisions – the board will make decisions on behalf of the league. Is an effective way to make decisions as everyone is a committed member and available to make decisions quickly. Each person on the board is to represent a certain aspect of the league.
- Is this the direction we want to go? Vote – no one opposed.
- Members of board:
- President, vice, treasurer, secretary already on board – no one opposed to this idea.
- Possible additional members: Community Liaison, Event Coordinator, Skater Relations, ref representative, coaching committee member.
- Skater Relations person – possibly expanding position to helping skaters with fee, attendance issues, etc.
- Current skater relations positions - Natalie, Donna, DJ – board position will go to Donna/Natalie to share/discuss responsibility for being on board.
- Community Liaison and Event Coordinators – there is a write up on these positions in minutes from October 6th.
- Position definition/name changes - regarding president changing to executive director of the board (in charge of policy, etc). Vice president to inter-league representative (this to be brought up at AGM)
- Come AGM we are agreeable to vote to change by-laws to reflect board of director’s positions.
- Board of Directors meeting to discuss filling the positions to come.

- Coaching committee – all in favor to make committee (none opposed)
- Doobie is head coach – not part of committee
- Shantelle, Kim, Donna, Lisa, Boots – to make up coaching committee.
- Coaching Committee Head – to be discussed with committee and announced at a later date.
- Policy question – accepting new recruits after recruitment times. Refer new recruitments to a new recruitment date? Specific points of intake are necessary.
- November 3rd – coaching committee meeting.
- Intake policy – skaters who cannot skate have 2 practices to show up after recruitment and start practicing – skaters who can skate have 4 practices to show up and start skating after recruitment.
- Policy – for specific skaters who want to join if there is not another recruitment within 90 days, it wouldn’t be fair to ask them to wait, we can vote regarding specific skaters (have a discussion about what we need to do) – create a form to fill out regarding skating abilities. Voted on and none opposed.
- New Recruitment date to be scheduled for February.

- As of last balance $7700
- First bout – we spent about $1200 and made about $2500
- Expense Request Form – to be filled out when requesting a budget for committees, etc.
- Merch inventory – should be submitted to Treasurer with cash being submitted.
- Signing authority Changes – Valerie Shepherd to be removed, Nina Olsen and Taryn Laing to be added.

- Website needs to be updated and revamped. (vote - none opposed)
- Zoe to create new website - multiple people willing to help with upkeep once it is created.
- Rollergirl requirements – to be worked out.
- Zoe to get new website up soon!
- Forms to be printed off from special area (password locked) on website.
- Attendance records also to be kept online – Keely is the new person in charge of attendance.
- Also be looking into selling merch online

- skater relations person will be the contact person for hard copies of these documents to fill out regarding fee/attendance waiver – these forms will also be on the new website!
- Fee Waiver form – for skaters who are having/expect to have financial difficulties regarding dues. Fill out this form and the board will help come up with a solution.
- Attendance Waiver Form – for skaters who wish to be considered for bout team rosters but are unable to maintain a 60% attendance record. Fill out this form and the board of directors will decide whether you can still be considered.

- Please keep kids off the track and to the side, you are responsible for your own kids, clean up their mess.
- Poll to come regarding setting up a babysitting/day care program for kids at practice (adding $5 or $10 to monthly dues for parents to cover babysitter/room rentals – a room in the landing, during practice). Please respond to this poll if this is something you are interested in.

- We will take a poll to see if anyone is interested in attending the afternoon practice. If we do not have enough people we will be canceling practice so please respond if you would like to attend this practice.

- We have the fire hulla-hooper for our half time show
- Hard copy tickets are no in, please get your tickets at Tuesday or weekend practices.
- Bout planning position – Angela would like to be the second person (with Stacey for this position).
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PostSubject: Re: Meeting Minutes - October 23, 2011   Fri Oct 28, 2011 10:57 am

was it talked about and voted on about the RUles book and ref manual purchases?
About buying enough rules books that are after shipping $9.00 each for each member as a perk..
And have a handful say 6 Ref books for our Refs they are $20.00 EACH.. but if any skater wants a ref book they would have to pay full price.? They are available at the WFTDA website..
And it was thrown around if we didnt have enough funds to purchase these to have a fundy at the legion to cover the cost..

Did this get touched or no?

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PostSubject: Reply to Ref Books   Wed Nov 02, 2011 9:33 pm

We didn't end up getting to this topic, so we can discuss it next meeting unless we come up with something in the meantime. I think we should order around 6 for primarily referee use but team use as well (maybe a sign out type process) simply because I don't know how often they are being updated and changed. In addition maybe we can subsidize the price for those who want one of their own, something to that effect.
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PostSubject: Re: Meeting Minutes - October 23, 2011   

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Meeting Minutes - October 23, 2011
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