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 Meeting Minutes - October 6, 2011

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PostSubject: Meeting Minutes - October 6, 2011   Fri Oct 07, 2011 9:23 pm

Steering Meeting
October 6, 2011

Team splitting
- We need to be able to play safe with every skater level.
- Home teams to be competitive but with no douchebaggery. We need to make sure there is an understanding, something that we can all agree on.
- Home teams are more “fun”
- Home teams need WFTDA minimum skills passed in order to play in a bout.
- Everyone can be on a team but if they have not passed their skills they do not play.
- Skill testing is not based on time limitations but on passing their skills test (individual graduation process – not time restricted)
- We have 26 skaters and 15 fresh meat. Come January we are making 2 HOUSE TEAMS.
- How to pick house teams – coaching committee to pick teams (Doobie with fresh meat coaches)
- Each team will then pick their captains and team names once the two teams are split.
- There will also be a league team created (travel team) come January – team picked in January.
- Attendance must be 60% on skates to be eligible to play in a bout.
- Attendance must be 50% on skates for scrimmaging.
- There will be a form to be filled out in advance for not being able to attend (60% of the time) due to school, work, crisis situations etc. This to be taken into consideration on an individual basis. Coaching committee to decide on whether or not the reason is valid and whether or not they are still eligible even though they are not making 60% attendance.
- Coaching staff notices attitude and attendance fudging. These things are taken into consideration when picking teams for bouts.

Game Schedule
- How many games do we want to have?
- Off -season – best of 5 or 7 games for home teams. (January, February, March). These games will be family scrimmages with one big public bout to sell tickets, etc.
- Big dates need to be picked well in advance (facility booking)
- Season starts in April.

Board of Directors
- Board to make decisions on behalf of the league.
- To handle the business side of the league (budgets, etc. league meetings are different)
- All below information is to be presented to the league at the October 23rd meeting for approval.
- Board of directors includes: president, vice president, skater relations/secretary, treasurer, community liaison, event coordinator, referee representative. (7 people)
- Events coordinator – in contact with bout planning committee, fundraising committee, community events committee and will bring all info to meetings on behalf of the umbrella’d committees.
- Community liaison – in contact with businesses regarding sponsorships and is in contact with the merchandise committee, sponsorship committee and marketing/sales committee
- League meetings are separate - each committee needs to be represented as well as each team and the referees.
- Positions to be agreed upon and filled at October 23rd meeting:
- Event coordinator – Gillian – to be voted on
- Community Liaison – Pink – to be voted on
- Duties of board members – there are written policies in by-laws section in the forum – READ IT!
- Members need to be trusted by the league that they are going to do the business on behalf of the league

2nd VP Voting
- New structure has been proposed, voting to be cancelled for the time being.

For Oct 23 meeting
- Suggested change in the by-laws (board of directors) needs to be in the minutes and approved to be voted in at AGM and made official
- Vote on new directors of the board structure.

Ref “class” to be held
- Information for skaters to know. We will go over this in a practice
- It is the skaters responsibility to watch for the refs (at line change time skaters not paying attention to the refs in the ref lane)
- Yelling at a ref – major / swearing at a ref – ejection from game.

Rollergirl class
- Boots looking to set up a class for Rollergirl to come in and teach skate maintenance/cleaning and check peoples skates for problems.

Each league has a name for the penalty box
- Puppet masters to come up with the name.
- Doll House for Landing/Toy Box for penalty box

Facility booking
- These duties need to be redirected as Eva cannot continue to do them
- This will now be a secretary duty

Volunteers/Bout Planning
- Stacey to be one of the two people in charge of bout planning
- We need a second person for the role, preferably not a skater.
- Provided will be a checklist for what bout planners are responsible for and need to accomplish.
- Eva to provide checklist to Stacey
- When Shelby is asking for volunteers please respond and help!
- We are looking to create an NSO roster/team to work every bout.
- Start looking for members for this team!
- Will work some sort of deal/purchase of puppet master shirt “NSO” or “Volunteer” for these team members.

Quick Oct. 1st Bout review
- The only negative comment was that the announcing was difficult to hear in some areas (depending on the direction of the speakers)
- Will be looking into having the big scoreboard run the period time as well.
- Have been contacted by a DJ who wants to commit to every bout – price is $250 and he has all his equipment.

- Marketing committee – to be created
- Donna and Peter proposed to head this committee.
- This committee would fall under the community liaison umbrella.

- Merchandise committee
- New head – Shay
- New co-head – Keely
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Meeting Minutes - October 6, 2011
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