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 Meeting Minutes - September 11, 2011

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PostSubject: Meeting Minutes - September 11, 2011   Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:57 am

September 11, 2011
Meeting Minutes

-Boots wanted to apologize. She says:
-There have been hurt feelings and misunderstandings due to a lack of leadership.
-There have been wrong assumptions around the president of the league.
-Wants to be the oil in the bearings – make more of an effort to chat with everyone and be available to everyone to talk if needed.
-Issues are to go through boots. The two vice-presidents roles are a supportive network to make sure everything is running smoothly, specifically in boots’ absence. Please go to boots for help before “shutting down.”
-Boots originally wanted to protect everyone from drama – based on it not affecting the skater’s ability to skate but it causes upset and uncertainty.
-The biggest issue right now – dealing with sister league (vixens). Issues being: advertising recruitments in Chilliwack, attending our events, asking to use Chilliwack Landing as practice space, responding negatively to friendly scrimmage requests (Prospera centre), aggressively attacking/purposely confusing people, also doing this in Langley. The NSO and volunteers at vixens were treated poorly.
-TCRG has banned their league.
-Peters idea – as far as branding for marketing material – go to mayor and BIA chamber of commerce to ask from support at Chilliwack business. → plan to personally invite mayor and head of associations to October 1st bout – Donna to bring them tickets.
-We are not trying to punish all Vixen skaters but as a group they are being dangerous on the track. The situation will be reassessed in a few months but the plan is to have a current league ban.
-The focus right now is to set boundaries, share knowledge and focus on us.
-A letter being sent regarding boundaries extinguishing contact for the time being. As individuals they can attend our bouts, etc. as long as you are not representing league and not skating.
- Leadership to be stepped up by boots.
- Lack of communication from boots to all to be fixed.

-There is a link on the forum. Volunteer policy (form to fill out) including a code of conduct.
-Regarding public appearances – all members to represent league in a positive way. Members are required to display themselves in a positive manner – no alcohol consumption while on skates.
-No accepting money without approval from sponsorship. Send all people who want to give money to Carlee.
-Sportsmanship – be respectful, don’t gossip. No douche bagging
-Coaches, trainers and referees – have a code of ethics, must be respectful seek to promote integrity and leave personal shit at home.
-If two members involved romantically drama is to be left at home, members should be forthcoming and if a split occurs one or both members may be asked to leave the league.
-Read more online – bring up issues or anything you want to add at meetings.

-The plan is to create house teams for the home voodoo cup. Season starting January. The Voodoo team also picked by January is the team to represent league, traveling and playing against other leagues. We want everyone to be involved – there is a place for everyone in the plan.
-The difference between scrimmage and a bout:
-Scrimmage – every skater at every level – no douche bagging – this is across every league, these are for fun
-Bouts are different – safety is priority – benchmarks skills need to be passed. Refs can call people dangerous on track and not allow to skate. It is not personal its mainly a safety issue.
-There will be chances for everyone to skate. It is a sport – the lists for teams are not personal. It is up to each girl to know the rules and exercise and get to the level you want to be at.
-Read the rules! And learn them!

-Ronna can not help right now
-We will have the full facility for September 18th
-Going to do team building right away with the new girls.
-Missy and DJ can help in coaching and running drills is current girls are overwhelmed (in Ronna’s absence)
-Make sure you are aware that dynamics will change with new girls again – be nice to newbie’s!

-Secretary will arrange (usually with Gillian) a place for the meeting, only makes sense if secretary is picking the dates as well.
-When sending topics for the agenda try to either post the topics in the right section in the forum or send DJ a personal message on facebook. Sometimes they come from all angles and it is hard to keep track. It is fine that they are discussed on the facebook page as well but if we determine a topic to be added to the list if you remember a personal message with that topic would be helpful! I will do my best not to miss anything.
-I will try to be more proactive in posting agenda topics before meetings.

-If your committee requires a budget for an event/bout submit a request to Nina for approval – request to come by email – ninaolson13hotmail.com
-We will look to assign a minimum budget to people to committees
-All t-shirt money should go to Boot and Shay so we can keep track of t-shirt sales

- The clover room for guest team and hallway for our teams
- Bathrooms need to be left for fans.
- Bout planning meeting – after the recruitment – Sunday September 18th
- The Sunshine committee
- Still has some drinks and stuff left over from our friends and family.
- Water only? Or find donations?
- Trays to re-use
- Fruit platter to be toned down – oranges and bananas.
- Tascha to go to Costco and get what we need when has budget.
-Dennis to organize coolers for dressing rooms
-Tickets to go to Ann Davis Society

-Max capacity – 1800 people with track about 1000 we going to max off at 700
-Far end for beer garden – firefighters to set up fencing for beer gardens
-Insurance to come – Liquor license requires all profit go to charity.
-DJ and half time – ten minute dance performance – fire lady may come. Check on insurance regarding fire
-Shay has a DJ – by volunteer ask for a quote - they need to have their own equipment?
-We have someone quoted at $250 for everything – anyone find better?
-Merch tables: our table on inside, Tascha to have table to share with Stacey and Shay, roller candy would like to have a table. Roller girl may have a table. We have room for all tables.

-Major leagues
-Every 12 people get a free food platter
-We need to provide an education estimation of how many people are coming.

-We need volunteers!!! Keep hunting send names to Shelby.
-3pm to build track
-Skaters for bout to be written up later
-Photos – need to go to Boots for program design. Julie to help with program. Gillian picking up disc.

-In honor of betty fox and the terry fox run. Legion is doing big betty fox – 10$ plate – stuffed salmon and stuffed pork. Salmon has been caught – come help if you can come. We get the profit no t-shirts or merch sales.
-Donations to be made to the terry fox foundation – HALF donated
-Eat at 6pm – hopefully get enough people to show up for plate service. Dress nice. Come at 5. Bake a cake.
-Contact LISA if you can come!

-Near Halloween – October 16th
-Nightmare on Spadina street
-Theme – aliens vs. zombies
-Public can come watch no admission
-Skaters pay $5
-Can we play with men? Does our insurance cover playing with men? TCRG does not cover so maybe ours does not either?
-Ask donna to contact hoochie, does our insurance cover playing with men?
-Shay needs a new insurance card – donna?
-Everyone has to apply to play

End 1:45
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Meeting Minutes - September 11, 2011
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