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 Meeting Minutes - August 10, 2011

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PostSubject: Meeting Minutes - August 10, 2011   Thu Aug 11, 2011 7:57 pm

August 10, 2011

In attendance: Wry 'N' Ginger; Stacey Nimchuk; Karen Jorgeusen; Keely; Angela; Amanda; Gypsy Wheeler; Tammy Mchugh; Lunatic witch; Hurt She Kiss; Shantel; Julie Barr; Katalyst 13; Shay; DJ; Donna Colins; Evada; Nina; Boots; also probably more who didn't catch the attendance sheet as it went around...


- 1pm-2pm is set up time (everyone is expected to be there at 1pm)
- 2pm doors open
- 2:20pm introduction and demonstration
- 2:45pm whistle blows!
- We will be playing two 20 minute periods with one 10 minute intermission.
- Should be done by 4pm
- Cleanup till 4:30pm (everyone needs to help with cleanup)
- After party at corky's

- There will be a ticket table, including a will call with flyers (flyers to include demo explanation, fundraiser info, a roster, and recruitment info - this may be a separate flyer). Chairs and bleachers will also have to be set up.
- To be manned by Nina and another non skater
- Hand stamp to be picked up by Shelby
- Boots has a lay out developed
- Sunshine committee has a $100 budget for water, fruit, etc.
- The merchandise table to is to be handled by Shannon and Macayla (totally missed the spelling of the name... sorry)
- No additional food or drink sales or 50/50 door prizes for F+F... next bout!

- Official first aid attendant = Dax's uncle - Johnny Grimm

- Security
- Shantelle and Natalie are each bringing a big guy.
- Please provide the names of these guys to Shelby.

- NSO's are covered

- We still need non skaters to HELP - Please contact Shelby.

- Refs
- head ref is Gong Show (will be teaching our two refs)
- still need one inside and one outside ref

- Announcer
- Jordan
- Will be coming to the next few practices to learn names, plays, etc.

- Tickets
- We will each have 10 tickets
- Entrance is by donation (no set amount but please relay this to friends and family)
- Shay's beautiful tickets will be done for Sunday August 14th practice
- tickets can also be emailed or picked up from Gillian at Cultural Centre
- Please provide the name of anyone who will be picking up their tickets from will call to Gillian.

- Teams
- Final head count to be made online
- by sunday (August 14th) Boots/Johnny will make decision regarding any shuffling based on skill and due payments. T-shirt colours can be swapped on sunday if needed.

- Track Set Up
- We will be using our markers and taping them down
- 3 people are required to set up track (Johnny, Dax and a ref)
- There will be a 10 foot boundary line marked with caution tape (tape provided by Nina)
- signs required - "crash zone" and "B B J" signs for penalty box (Taryn and Shantelle)

- Demonstration (2:20pm)
- everyone (including refs and NSO's) will be introduced
- 10 people will be required for the explanation
- each team will then be announced/introduced

- Volunteers/Press
- video/photo footage provided by "press" - if you have invited someone to take pictures (as long as they will provide those pictures to us for our use) send their name to Gillian to be added to the "press" list. They will be labeled as such (name tag type thing)
- Ask volunteers/NSO's to please wear a black shirt - they will also be labeled as "volunteer" (name tag)
- If you have a stop watch - BRING IT!!!

- September 18th
- we are accepting people who do not have gear
- make sure newcomers are aware they need to be there early to get signed/geared up
- If you have any spare gear - BRING IT!!!

- September 24th
- October 1st
- September 10th date is cancelled
- confirmation to come...

- August 19th - 7pm
- Lisa's house
- See facebook event for details
- List of people to be drafted... in the making

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Meeting Minutes - August 10, 2011
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