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 Meeting Minutes - July 17, 2011

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PostSubject: Meeting Minutes - July 17, 2011   Mon Jul 18, 2011 11:19 pm

Meeting Minutes

July 17, 2011

In attendance:
- DJ; Gillian; Keely; Angela; Karen; Rebekah; Shelby; Donna; Carlee; Donna; Natalie; Tascha; Ronna; Nina; Taryn; Stacey; Amanada; Zoee; Tracy; Volunteer girl (don’t know name sorry); Boots

AGM 1:09pm
  • Voting/Nomination for: President, Vice President, Second Vice, Secretary, and Treasurer.
    - Positions to be held for the term of one year.
    - If someone resigns or steps down a replacement will be voted in for the remainder of the term.

    - Responsible for bank statements, bookkeeping, fee collecting, etc.
    - Nina O. volunteers and accepts by acclamation.
    - Nina is to be added as signee, Cristina is also to be added as a signee and Suzanne is to be removed as signee.

    - Responsible for meeting minutes, creating the meeting agenda and gathering possible topics, filing paperwork and legal documents, etc.
    - DJ volunteers and accepts by acclamation.
    - Meeting minutes to be distributed within one weeks time of the meeting.

    - Responsible for being involved in the league, league development, committee organization and re-assignment. As well as protecting the by-laws, rules and skaters.

    - Boots is nominated and accepts by acclamation.

    - Taryn is nominated and accepts by acclamation

    - 2ND VICE
    - Ronna is nominated and accepts by acclamation.

    - Natalie, DJ, Donna – discretion waiver form to come.

    - By-laws
    o We have official non-profit status
    o Paperwork to be submitted to the secretary
    o By-laws are to be talked about at AGM and official changes occur at the following AGM.
    o Policies and other rules can be talked about at AGMs and if agreed upon, changed officially during that AGM.

    - Treasurer Report
    o A detailed statement is to be distributed in 1-2 weeks from now.
    o Current Balance = $3,345.00
    o The accountant for the arts centre is going to help with out bookkeeping and preparation of statements.
    o Fee re-cap
    • $30/month for skater
    • $10/month for official/refs
    • $0/month for honorary member/volunteer (non-skating)
    • If monthly dues are not received by the 15th, you do not skate (this is a by-law).
    • If Nina (Molly) cannot make it to practice, someone will be designated to collect dues for that day
    • All cheques are to be made to: Voodoo Derby Dollz
    • The 15th due date is going to be strictly enforced so PAY! AND PAY ON TIME!

    AGM end time 1:19pm

    General Meeting 1:19pm

    New Business

    - Friends and Family scrimmage – August 21st.
    o We will be charging $5 per person and each skater will receive 10 tickets.
    o A meeting will be scheduled for directly after the bout – to talk about how it went.
    o Johnny and Boots will be splitting the two current teams into equal groups and these groups will be announced over the break (this will be the teams for the friends and family scrimmage)
    o Will take place from approximately 1pm-4pm
    o We need to start creating a volunteer list (we need at minimum 7 NSO’s)

    - Our first bout will be scheduled for September and will be against the Sea to Sky Sirens. This will be our first public bout where 14 skaters will be selected to skate.
    o The roster chosen to play in a game depends on your “standing” with the league (paying dues on time and attendance)

    - Fundraisers
    o The Social
    • 100% of tickets sales will go to us
    • Possible Pinup pageant
    • Everybody dress derby?
    • Will be for sometime after the friends and family scrimmage
    • Tickets to be made (Gillian?)
    o Friday July 22nd at the Legion
    • Volunteers are needed to help Lisa
    • Food to be served at 5pm
    • Stuffed salmon or stuffed port with potatoes and salad.
    • Gillian to send add to the newspaper
    • Boots to make a lotto board
    • Come in “human clothes” (voodoo dollz shirt)
    • Please contact Lisa if you can help

    - Sponsorship Package
    o Donna to print out packages this week
    o Carlee to keep track of where and when packages are going.
    o Try to avoid asking conflicting businesses.
    o For pubs we are looking at Corky’s and Duke of Dublins.
    o A list of current sponsorships will be included in the package when we have compiled some sponsorships.
    o Specific skater sponsorships to be talked about once we are more developed.
    o Rollergirl sponsorship on the way!
    • This will include: website banners, recruitment sponsorship and merch to give away.
    o Current sponsorship committee includes: Carlee, Ronna, Gillian. Please let Carlee know if you wish to volunteer.

    - Hall Rental and September
    o We are looking for 3 practice days a week starting in the Fall
    o Sunday practices are permanently booked – most likely to remain at 10am-12pm.
    o We will be having another practice at Evergreen Hall for the staff to check the floor for damage – this may be an option for rental space.

    - Blog/Tumbler
    o Gillians baby
    o Point is to have an account to follow and support
    o Gives us the opportunity to tag posts as “roller derby” posts and view other posts made under the same category
    o Bruise/war wound gallery
    o Look for a facebook/tumbler link
    o You need to be added to the reader feed by creating a tumbler account or by somehow using a gmail account…

    - General Comments
    o Uniforms to come!
    o When posting about upcoming events or important meetings etc. be specific in your post (time and place) as it is difficult to scan through 20+ posts to find the details.
    o Use the calendar option in the forum – look for the dancing man.

General Meeting end time: 2:10pm
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Meeting Minutes - July 17, 2011
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